A romantic night.

This summer i made a amazing trip to a continent i haven’t been to before. South and middle America. It was a amazingly, stunning trip.
I think it's a privilege to meet people with different cultures and backgrounds. That’s also why i love to travel so much. There are so many other ways to life your life then the way I’m doing it. I love being open and learning about these other ways.
So while traveling it is quite easy to meet new people. But it is even easy-er to meet a summer love! Especially when you are surrounded by people that are traveling as well and in a good mood. It all depends if your open to it.
While traveling i wasn't really open for a summer date. I was actually loving not being in to somebody at all for a while.
Half way down the trip we stayed with friends of mine who have moved to Chile. It was amazing to see them and see where and how they are living their life now. They have three small kids. Which made it pretty intense. Nothing more then big respect for how she's running the family life.
So after our visit in Chile it was time to do some serious chilling. We went to the San Blas Islands in Panama. Have you heard of these islands? They are thru paradise!! A group of little tropical islands being owned by the Kuna Indians. The best thing about it is that the woman are the bosses of their island! Just how it's suppose to be, right!?
So we stayed on one of these islands, which can't really host more then 30 people. There is hardly anything on the island. There are little cabins made from palm trees all the way. Every cabin has a few beds. There where 2 toilets and 2 showers with salty water. There was one big kitchen where the island family provided all the guests with three meals a day. There was a little main cabin/house where you could buy some water, crisps, cookie or toothpaste. That’s it. Ow, no i'm forgetting they most important....the Rum!
It was a true magical place! I found pure relaxation. No impulses all the time. Noting that 'you have to do'. Only thing around you was nature. It was lovely to swim in the clear blue water between the fish. But the most magical was the thing that happened at night. There was bioluminesence! Plankton that lights up blue at night. A-frecking-mazing!!!
Ok, ok, ok I can hear you think..so that was the romantic part?
It sort of was but no, there was more. On the island lived a family. One of them was a youngish Indian man. He's ant is the boss of the island. He was working for her. And yes, he was the one I spend a romantic night with. In the evening a bunch of us where hanging out, playing cards and drinking rum. The dining area was the only area with light and there was music. Ow and let's not forget our little buddy’s who came out at night; the gecko’s.
So there was some eye contact thru out the evening and after a while there was some body contact. The evening became night and the lights where turned off, everybody had gone to bed.
Where I slept....in a hammock in the strong arms of a handsome Indian, under a palm tree overlooking the sea!We talked for hours about his life and my life. Two complete different worlds.
It felt like we where the only ones there. The only other thing I could hear besides out voices was the ocean and the wind going thru the leafs of the palm tree's.

Until....really early in the morning. When the family got up to prepare breakfast and we heard some giggling.
So besides the giggling of other people it was they most perfect place and way to wake up. For me it could have lasted for ever......


The dream come true...

Reading the title of this blog you might think this is the end of all my storys...
Im sorry. You should know me better! It was an other dream that came thru this time.

Ok, so there is this new internet-dating-hype thing. It gives new opportunity’s. You judge somebody on there pictures. If you like what you see, you swipe right. If you don't like what you see, you swipe left. If you have both swiped right that you can send each other a message. And from that...
So I swiped right with this guy who looked quit different on all of his pictures, wondering who he would be. We started sending messages and it lead to...a date!
On a Sunday evening we went for a date drinking Baileys. Some how will sending messages we got in a joke that I was Baileys addicted. I wasn't complaining :).
Because we had been joking around so much I didn't know what he did for a living. He turned out to be a school teacher too, like me.
Besides the Baileys there was an other chapter we had been joking a lot about the Ford Mustang from '75.
During the first date we where talking about this Dutch program called who is the mole? He was convinced mostly women would watch the program. I was (of course) convinced it would be equal. So we decided to do a test on the next date. We would go to the biggest square in the dame and ask people it they watch the program. For every women saying yes, is cores a point and for every men he would score a point. The price...for me that would be a Ford Mustang. For him a massage.
You wane know who won....we lost track. But...when he arrived by bike on the front of his bike he had a pillow and a sign that said: Ford Mustang from '75.
Well, you understand he scores point with that!!
The next date it was my turn. What I did:
I told him to meet me at central station. I would bring the rest. All needed was 2 dices. We rolled for the platform and for the stop. Silly enough we didn't got any feather then Haarlem, witch is only like 25 minutes away. We had a drink there and then deiced again for dinner. Guess what...we ended up back in Amsterdam! What are the changes!?
We had a few more dates. They where fun, but to be totally honest something was missing. I had fun, but I was missing the spark.
So I decided to give him one more change. He said he had a plan. So I followed. He picked me up and we drove to the north.
Surprise, surprise, we went to They Ford museum with the biggest private collection of Europe. It was pretty dame amazing! I didn’t even know this museum excited. It was super!
When we got to the end I was reading a article and I heard him talk to somebody...who? The driver. Witch driver? The driver of the Ford Mustang from '75!!!!!!!!
Blown away I was! He seriously arranged this! We went for a drive and I got to sit in the front seat! Eventually I even got to drive a little bit in the car. I was screaming of happiness!
Ok, so of course he scored even more point with this date! It was time to give him a real change! And I did! I really did. But....still no spark. I really tried to settle with no spark, but I just didn't work. Big, big bugger!


at the countryside 3

An other story that was set in the same farm side in the east of Holland. Well, I told you I had spend a lot of time there!!
This time I was hanging out a lot with the neighbors. The girl; Hanneke was my friend. Of course her growing up there, she had a lot of friends.
When ever I was there we met and hang out together. We had lots of fun!
I remember one afternoon. We (about 6 of us) where playing outside on the neighbor farmer his land. He had hugh haystacks laying there. And that was all there was. Just a big piece of land and nothing else. A big open field. We played catch me if you can. Jumping over from one haystack to another. I started to rain. Because it was summer it was still warm so we didn't mind and kept on playing. It was even more fun because the plastic around the haystacks became slippery. After a while thunder started. At first it was far away so we still didn't care. But pretty quick it was right above our head. Shit! We where in a open field with thunder right above our heads. First we decided to hide next to the haystacks. But after a few minutes we relished we had to get back to the farm. On hands and knees we crawled back to the farm.
Ok, that was a little side story. Just to let you know how much fun we had. Back to the main subject.
Hanneke was friends with a boy, who was her male friend (Anthony). He (of course) also had a friend. We had spend some time together. Just simple fun, hanging out together.
After a while I was interested in Anthony’s friend. Again...i dont remember his name. It might come back to me later on in the story. For now we will name him Jake.
There is one particular afternoon that I remember. We where hanging out at Hanneke's garden. The boy's payed us a visit. Both of them came by scooter. Around dinnertime we were deciding what to do. Jake suggested that we would go to his place and eat pancakes and watch a movie. He had the whole house to him self as his parents where away on holiday.
Sounded like a good plan.
How we went there. On the scooter. I didn't have fun so I could choose to jump on the back of one of the scooters. Well, one guess witch scooter I picked! Right. I jumped on the back of Jake's scooter.
I Dutch we have a saying in the country side, if a boy wants to make out with you (during high school) he will asked you if you want to come look at his scooter out side. So going to his scooter basicly means going for a snog.
So Jake and I were on the scooter going to his place. Of course his scooter was the fastest. Half way on our way to his place he stopped. He asked me if I wanted to have a look in the wood we where passing by. But yes I would love to! So we did.
I was tensed as I could feel we were not only going to be looking at the trees. And as I turned around he kissed me. Aaahh how romantic.
When we got to his place the others didn't understood why we weren't there jet as we were faster. Then Hanneke saw the smile on my face and she knew.
After that we had the best fun baking pancakes and making a mess of the kitchen. After dinner I went upstairs with Jake to pick a movie ( a video as this was before the time of dvd's and downloading). As we where up stairs he kissed me again. But after a bit of kissing he wanted to move to the bed. Uuuh...no! A kiss is fine but no more then that.
After that nothing more happened. He was pissed that I was fine with just a kiss.
We did keep in contact and texted each other every now and then. But we never met again.


At the farm-site

Remember my very first story? It was set in the east of Holland. In the country side. At a farm of friends of my parents.
As i have spend a lot of time there what wasn't my only moment with a boy there.

There was one summer I’ve spend there while there was a children summer camp at the camp side of the farm.
A bunch of kids and some camp leaders. They had planed a whole week of fun with the kids. I didn't take long before I was chatting with the camp leaders. They where only a few years older then I was. They invited me to join some of there activities. And after two days I was taken in and was one of the camp leaders. The only moment I went 'home' was during supper. After the evening program when the kids had been sent to bed we had a good time around the bonfire. They even had a old couch at the fire place.
Straight away I laid my eyes on one of the camp leaders; Maarten-Jan. Tipical Dutch name. And so did he. We cuddles up closely on the old couch at the fire in the evenings.
The kids knew, the rest of the camp leaders knew. Kind of the whole camp side knew.
It was a great week. At the end of the week, the last night, there was a preforming night. Everybody did a little preference. The kids did a play in where they pretended to be the camp leaders. There where also two kids who played Maarten-Jan and me. It was hilarious.
The next day it was time to say goodbye. I think I had my first mobile phone at that point so it was a lot easier to stay in contact.
After that summer Maarten-Jan was going to study in Amsterdam. Ow what a blast. Because then we could meet again. And so we did. One time.
How a different place, setting and time can change everything!


when i got sick

Christmas decorations are starting to pop up in the shops. That must mean the end of the year is close.
That make me realize I didn’t write as many stories as I thought I was going to write. I still  have a few stories to write. But I guess with most of them I thought they were too short.
I now decided they do deserve a spot on my blog!
So here is the first short one.

I think this was the first boy that I called my boyfriend. I don’t remember where I met him. It must have been while going out. I remember he had been good friends with a classmate of mine. But I didn’t remember ever seeing him in those years.
Ok, now I remember why I haven’t written this story yet. There is too much blur about it. I’ve forgotten about some of the details. I’ll try my best to still make a story out of it.
It was in the year without internet on your mobile. So we started off with sending each other a text every now and then. From the text we met each other again and hitted it off. I could really tell by the end of the month when I got my phone bill!
He was such a kind boy!
I remember going to his place. He lived with his mum. Oh my I was scared the first time! Tried to be cool and totally relaxed. But I was shitting my pants. It all went fine though. We had a cup of tea and a chat. Looked at his older pictures with his friend, who was my classmate.
Then we went up stairs to his room.  He had a huge aquarium in his room. I was impressed at that point. Later that night….not so impressed (with the light and noise).
We spent quite some time chatting and watching movies. I didn’t mind watching crazy scary movies because I had a good pair of arms around me to cover myself in.
Sometime later I got sick. Like seriously really sick! I was so sick I couldn’t take care of myself. I could hardly speak. I had to go to my parents to be taken care of. After a few days we knew what was going on. I had glandular fever, also known as the kissing disease. I was in such bad shape that they gave me morphine.
When I had the results from the doctor I phoned my boyfriend and told him. He then got cross with me, because of the chance that he had it too now as it is contagious.
I tell you, I was happy when I found the tiny bit of energy to put socks on. I was a mess, thats how sick I was. So I had no energy for his worries. I stayed sick soo long and didn’t want him to see me like that. When I got a bit better I had plenty of time to think about it and decided it didn’t want to be his girlfriend. So that was that!